AUO Featured Energy Product Briefing PrimeVOLT inverters received enthusiastic responses

The 303 power outage in Taiwan highlighted the importance of power generation with green energy; the Energy Business department of AUO responded to the government’s energy transition policies, and is committed to providing solar power system solutions. It held the “2022 AUO Featured Energy Product Briefing” at Tainan Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City on 3/18, and the indicator brand of Taiwan inverters – PrimeVOLT, was also invited and participated as a featured partner of AUO to share its all series of new smart inverter products, and had lively exchanges and interactions with the industry’s EPC guests on-site.


The Bureau of Energy set a 20GW solar photoelectricity goal by 2025, and large ground-based power plants have large construction capacities; these will become the focus of development in the next few years. In response to the high-power inverter needs of large-scale power plants, PrimeVOLT not only has its existing 60/75kW upgraded performance series models, it will also launch new high-power flagship three phase inverters in the second half of the year.


PrimeVOLT’s business associate, Ming-Chung Fan stated that: “PrimeVOLT’s 60/75kW upgraded performance inverters lead the industry and were the first to obtain 440/460/480V VPC certificates; they meet the needs of Taipower and are applicable to the different power environments in Taiwan. They can reduce the cost of transformers that the customers need to configure for 440/460V voltage systems. After thePrimeVOLT60/75kW upgraded performance inverter series were launched, there were high inquiries from the industry; currently, the cumulative installed capacity in Taiwan has exceeded 220 MW.”


PrimeVOLT’s business associate Ming-Chung Fan was invited to participate in the AUO Featured Energy Product Briefing


Facing the need of large-scale power plant constructions, in order to reduce unit costs for solar power modules, they are continually developing towards large sizes/high-power/high current; high-power inverter models will become mainstream. PrimeVOLT is about to launch the highly anticipated high-power flagship series – 110KW/380V and 125KW/480V three phase on-grid inverters in the fourth quarter; the new models have up to 9 sets of MPPT, 18 string output, and the maximum DC input current of the string is as high as16/20A. They meet the high-power module configurations in the future and can lower the construction costs of power plants effectively.


The government announced that the wholesale electricity price rate for the first half of the year was lower than expected, and this is bound to push the number of constructions of solar power plants; optimistic outlook for the solar power market is expected. As a major local inverter manufacturer, PrimeVOLT is not only known from its products with outstanding quality, it also has a powerful and professional research and development team that can quickly respond to EPC customers from the early planning of power plants, to before the completion of the power plant, including investigations by Taipower, regulatory trends, replacement plan evaluation and suggests and all other technical consultations. PrimeVOLT became the most trusted partner of many EPC customers with the value-for-money services they provided that are rare in the industry.


In 2021, under unstable factors such as lack of materials and increased prices in the market, PrimeVOLT inverters were still adopted by many solar farms across Taiwan, and its market share still ranks number two; this shows its strength. PrimeVOLT will continue to launch new inverter products in the future that meet market trends with the most competitiveness in the market to satisfy the needs of customers.