Solar photoelectric helps activate lands PrimeVOLT inverters become the driving force of carbon reduction

Heat waves are striking globally, and it is imperative to curb the speed of global warning with the use of renewable energy; how to implement the applications of renewable energy and Net Zero carbon reduction have become important issues that governments and enterprises around the world are now focusing on. Taiwan is on the Tropic of Cancer and has sufficient sunshine all year long, which makes it very suitable for solar photoelectricity development; however, it also often faces the challenge of difficult land acquisition. As a matter of fact, many lands in coastal areas of Taiwan are often abandoned due to subsidence or severe salt damages, which caused them to be geologically unfavorable for farming. The construction of solar farms not only can bring a ray of life to the revitalization of barren lands, neither will it affect the development of normal agriculture; the considerable carbon reduction effects that it can bring due to the renewable energy are also extremely meaningful nowadays when global warming is intensifying.

The Sen Ju Green Energy Solar Farm located at Fangyuan Township, Changhua County is a ground-based solar farm built on such barren lands. The capacity of the devices of this farm is 2MW, and they all use PrimeVOLT’s 60kW three phase on-grid PV inverters. The owner stated that Changhua County has sufficient sunlight, and according to the data from Taipower, the average daily power generation per 1 kW of solar power is as high as 3. 55KWH, which is the highest average power generation among all counties and cities in Taiwan. It is estimated that its investment payback period will be the shortest in all counties and cities in Taiwan; it is extremely economical. More importantly, the annual power generation of the farm is as high as 2. 6 million KWH. According to the statistics of Taipower, the average power usage per household for 2021 was 352KWH, which means that this farm can provide electricity for over 600 households for a year; it can even reduce carbon emission by approximately 1300 tons per year, which is the annual carbon intake of over 3 Daan Forest Park. Because of the construction of the solar energy system on the barren lands that are unfavorable for farming, its actual carbon reduction contribution to the global environment cannot be underestimated.


*Sen Ju Green Energy – Changhua Fangyuan solar farm fully adopts PrimeVOLT’s 60kW smart on-grid PV inverters

This farm is close to the Changhua Wanggong coastal area, where there are strong sea breeze and severe salt damages; the owner specifically chose PrimeVOLT 60kW string solar PV inverters that comply with IP66 waterproof and dust-proof standards and passed IEC 60068-2-52: 2017 severity 5 international salt spray tests. Its salt-proof design can adapt to the special geographical environment of high salt damage in the coastal areas, and fully exert the maximum performances of the inverters. In addition, PrimeVOLT 60kW three phase on-grid PV inverters are equipped with four sets of MPPT that can be flexibly configured according to the different terrains and orientations of the farm, converting the power generation of the solar module more efficiently. The PF 0. 9 real power output with no derating can improve the overall power generation revenue, and the AFCI arc detection function can detect arc anomalies in real-time, reducing the risk of fire for the farm.

That’s worth mentioning is that PrimeVOLT inverters are string type with the features of flexible configuration and easy construction/maintenance. The difficulty for its operation and maintenance is much lower than the more centralized inverters. Whenever there are malfunctions, it is easier to identify the failure point of string inverters; this improves the efficiency for operation/maintenance and saves the cost for maintenance manpower significantly. In addition, the entire series of PrimeVOLT inverter products all have built-in DC junction box functions, there is no need to purchase additional DC junction boxes; it can reduce the construction cost for the farm directly, and shorten the investment payback period of the solar farm, in which the AC/DC surge protector can provide comprehensive protection for the farm to improve the safety of the farm.

PrimeVOLT inverters have won the “Taiwan Excellent PV” award repeatedly from the Ministry of Economic Affairs with their outstanding and high-performance product qualities; higher power and energy-storage models will continually be launched in the future based on market trends and needs. PrimeVOLT will work hand in hand with its various large farm customers across Taiwan to implement energy transition and achieve the government’s goal of Net Zero carbon emission by 2050.