PrimeVOLT Continues to Fuel Australia’s Solar Surge at Smart Energy Conference and Expo 2024

Sydney, Australia, March 7, 2024 – PrimeVOLT, the trailblazing Taiwan-based leader in solar inverters and energy storage solutions, showcased its cutting-edge solar products at the Smart Energy Conference and Expo 2024, held from March 6 to 7 at ICC Sydney, Australia. Positioned at booth No. 84, PrimeVOLT impressed the audience with its industry-leading grid-tied inverters, ESS inverters and its new generation battery technology, capturing the attention of numerous industry practitioners and solidifying PrimeVOLT’s reputation as a frontrunner in the global solar energy landscape.



“Australia’s unique geographical advantage has propelled it to the forefront of the global energy transformation, and at PrimeVOLT, we are fully dedicated to capitalizing on the immense potential this market offers,” said Lisa Ren, General Manager of PrimeVOLT. “With our extensive experience in maximizing solar energy utilization and our unwavering commitment to innovation, we have established a robust foundation in the Australian market, in collaboration with our strategic partners, to drive the green shift and to empower a more sustainable future.”


Grid-Tied Inverters to Harness the Sun’s Power

With vast expanses of land that bask in the sun’s glory throughout the year, Australia enjoys a natural advantage that underpins its evolution in solar energy. Leveraging a well-crafted array of subsidies, rebates, and forward-thinking policies, local governments have played a pivotal role in catalyzing the solar surge, making the solar energy more attainable and affordable for a broader segment of the population. Amidst this burgeoning solar market, PrimeVOLT single-phase PV 5KTL-D1/G2P and three-phase PV 10KTL-D3/G2P stand out as ideal selections for residential, small-scale industrial & commercial applications. These inverters offer significant advancements in energy efficiency, tailored to meet the preferences of the local market for grid-tied inverters.



One notable feature is their low start-up voltage, enabling the inverters to harness solar energy to its fullest potential and ensuring uninterrupted power supply even in challenging environments. Additionally, the compatibility with high-power modules, such as 182 and 210, offers increased flexibility and efficiency, allowing for the maximization of power generation benefits. Designed for easy installation and optimal performance, PrimeVOLT’s grid-tied inverters boast super slim-line design that facilitates hassle-free setup. With an IP66 rating, they are safeguarded against environmental hazards such as rain, snow, dust, and extreme temperatures. Recognizing the needs of users who prefer indoor installations, PrimeVOLT adopted the fanless design to minimize noise, making the inverters suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.


Furthermore, PrimeVOLT integrated a host of advanced technologies and features into the inverters to not only enhance reliability and efficiency but also offer greater flexibility to users. For example, the SPD feature protects the inverter and system from damage caused by lightning strikes, utility grid surges, or any other electrical disturbances. Users can also opt for the AFCI feature to detect and mitigate arc faults during system operation, adding an extra layer of protection. PrimeVOLT’s inverters also support built-in PID repair, string current monitoring and IV curve scanning to enable intelligent system diagnosis and defect localization. With 24-hour online monitoring, remote management, and upgrade capabilities, PrimeVOLT’s inverters set a high standard of intelligence and efficiency in solar energy systems, promising enhanced operational performance and longevity.


ESS Inverters & Battery Solutions to Forge New Frontiers

As Australian solar energy sector experiences unprecedented growth, there’s a significant shift towards more reliable and cost-effective solar energy storage solutions. In response to the evolving market demands, PrimeVOLT launched a comprehensive range of ESS inverters and battery technologies during the exhibition. Among the showcased products were the single-phase PV 5KHB-120 (HB L1 Series), single-phase PV 9K99HB-210 (HB L1 Series), and three-phase PV 10KHB-D3 (HB L3 Series), along with the innovative battery PV 5KBA-L (PrimeX-LV). Recognizing the local consumers’ emphasis on safety and installation efficiency, these ESS solutions feature top-notch components and intricate design, complemented by real-time monitoring and remote-control features through an integrated app, ensuring efficient, safe, and intelligent home energy storage experience.



One highlight of the exhibition was the PV 9K99HB-210, engineered with three built-in MPPT channels, accommodating six solar panels to adapt to diverse rooftop designs and shading issues prevalent in Australia. This design offers optimal solar energy conversion, increases electricity generation, and enhances revenue from power generation. Serving as an integrated off-grid system, the HB L1 Series seamlessly transitions to off-grid mode during power outages, ensuring users receive continuous and stable power supply. Upon grid power restoration, the system automatically switches back to grid mode, providing users with an uninterrupted and worry-free electricity experience.


The PrimeX-LV battery, tailored for modern residences, features globally recognized high-reliability LiFePO4 cells produced by CATL, offering flexible configurations with 5kWh or 10kWh capacity systems. Equipped with an intelligent BMS battery management system, PrimeX-LV ensures battery status monitoring and safety protection, delivering users with ample and reliable energy storage solutions. To simplify the installation process and enhance overall efficiency, PrimeX-LV adopts a plug-and-play wiring design, complemented by standard wiring harness, addressing the complexity associated with energy storage product installations.



All-Round Certifications to Ensure Safety and Reliability

As the top brand in Taiwan, PrimeVOLT has achieved a remarkable accomplishment by ranking first in annual shipments within the Taiwanese market for three consecutive years. Recognized and trusted for its outstanding quality and efficiency, all of PrimeVOLT’s products have undergone rigorous testing and a series of certification processes to secure access to the Australian market. The entire product line has successfully passed the comprehensive testing conducted by TÜV Australia Rheinland, aligning with the latest AS/NZS 4777.2:2020 standards to ensure full compliance with Australian regulations. With DC Switch certification under AS/NZS 5033 and the inclusion of the Demand Response Mode (DRM) function compliant with AS/NZS 4777.2:2020 standards, PrimeVOLT’s products meet the safety requirements outlined by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), providing exceptional reliability and adherence to industry standards.



Smart Energy Conference and Expo 2024, the event bigger than ever, brings together innovation and inspiration with 100+ exhibitors and 10,000+ attendees, fostering exploration of new trends and products. As Australia continues to embrace solar energy as a cornerstone of its sustainable future, PrimeVOLT’s innovative inverters stand ready to power homes and businesses across the country with clean, reliable energy.



About PrimeVOLT

PrimeVOLT is a leading brand in green energy, dedicated to designing and manufacturing solar inverters for customers worldwide. Its robust R&D capabilities, coupled with high-quality products and professional services, have made PrimeVOLT the number one brand in the PV inverter industry in Taiwan. Moving forward, PrimeVOLT will continue to provide innovative products and energy storage solutions to contribute to a green and sustainable future.