PrimeVOLT Launches New Cutting-Edge 320kW Inverter at Energy Taiwan 2023

From October 18 to 20, PrimeVOLT showcased its comprehensive product portfolio at Energy Taiwan 2023, held at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1. PrimeVOLT has consistently participated in this exhibition for eight consecutive years. In addition to presenting its full range of grid-tied inverters and energy storage systems, PrimeVOLT unveiled a series of innovative new products, including novel single-phase and three-phase models designed for high-power modules. During the Energy Week, PrimeVOLT was once again honored with the “Taiwan Excellent PV Award 2023” from the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan.

PrimeVOLT unveiled its latest innovation at the exhibition – a high-power 320kW three-phase grid-tied PV inverter. This powerhouse boasts an input voltage of up to 1,500Vdc, paired with an output voltage of 800Vac, making it an ideal choice for large-scale projects seeking a more competitive installation cost. It’s engineered to handle a maximum series input current of 20A, compatible with high-current M10/G12 solar modules. With its design featuring up to 15 MPPTs and 30 DC inputs, it’s as versatile as it is powerful, adapting seamlessly to a diverse array of site configurations. The wide full-load operating voltage range enhances power generation revenues while reducing the payback period. Additionally, it comes with PID repair functionality to boost project yield. This new series also incorporates the standout features of PrimeVOLT’s renowned three-phase models, such as power factor up to 0.9 at full active load, a built-in DC combiner box, and quick configuration via a mobile APP. With IP66 dustproof and waterproof design, the product has undergone rigorous testing in salt spray conditions and is compliant with Taiwan’s high-saline and high-humidity environments. As an added layer of security, it’s also available with optional AFCI functionality to enhance project safety.

“In respond to the rising tide of high current and module power, PrimeVOLT has taken proactive measures to ensure that we are not just keeping pace but staying ahead of the curve,” explained Vincent Fan, Senior Sales Director at Taiwan PrimeVOLT. “Taking our new 3~5kW single-phase solar PV inverter as an example, it is primed to handle a maximum series input current of 15A, perfectly compatible with high-current M10 solar module applications. Furthermore, it’s also engineered for convenience with its compact, lightweight design. In fact, the entire 3kW unit tips the scale at just 6.5kg, making installations and replacements a breeze.”

In the domain of new three-phase inverters, the next-generation 22~50kW three-phase grid-tied inverter is setting a benchmark. It not only features a sleek and lightweight design for easy installation and replacement, but also handles a maximum series input current of up to 20A, making it suitable for the latest module technologies such as M10 and G12. The flexibility in string configuration allows it to adapt to various site configurations. With a wider full-load operating voltage range, it can greatly increase the power generation revenue and reduce the payback period.

This year, PrimeVOLT’s three-phase grid-tied inverter, PV-125KH-U, has once again taken the spotlight, winning the “Taiwan Excellent PV Award 2023” from the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan for the third consecutive year. In addition to the tests conducted in 2021 and 2022, a new humid and freezing test was added to enhance outdoor reliability. The more stringent selection criteria further demonstrate PrimeVOLT’s outstanding product performance and robust technical expertise, solidifying its position as the top choice for solar inverter installations.