PrimeVOLT Led as Taiwan’s #1 Inverter Supplier in 2023

The 2023 solar market experienced significant volatility, with the progress of major projects slowing down and adversely affecting industry prosperity. Despite these challenges, PrimeVOLT, Taiwan’s leading solar inverter brand, successfully navigated the turbulent market and secured the top rank in shipments. This achievement marks another championship for PrimeVOLT in inverter shipments, as it continues to outperform both domestic and international competitors, reinforcing its status as the market leader in Taiwan.

Source: SolarSharon’s List of 2023 Taiwan Top 5 Inverter Supplier

With rising electricity prices and strong corporate demand for carbon emission reduction and energy-saving goals, large solar sites have always been competitive arenas for solar equipment manufacturers. It’s standard practice for industry players to collaborate with large solar projects in expanding their market share. However, the market witnessed sluggish development in 2023 due to a shortage of large solar projects and delayed product deliveries requested by the clients. Amidst this context, PrimeVOLT still managed to secure the top spot in shipments. This success can be largely attributed to the enduring trust and support from numerous small- and medium-sized applications across Taiwan, who have been collaborating with PrimeVOLT for many years.

PrimeVOLT has been nurturing the Taiwan market for over a decade, amassing a wealth of market experience. With a presence in tens of thousands of solar sites across Taiwan, PrimeVOLT has solidified its leadership position. “We place great importance on every client, regardless of their project size,” stated Jimmy Chuang, General Manager of PrimeVOLT. “We dedicate significant R&D resources, including pre-installation technical consultations, coordination with local grid companies during grid connections, and flexible shipment scheduling to align with project timelines. Our aim is to offer the most comprehensive service, maximizing power generation benefits for our users.”

Jimmy Chuang, General Manager of PrimeVOLT, presents the new flagship 1500 PV inverter.

As a subsidiary of APD Group, the pioneering power supply giant in Taiwan, PrimeVOLT has inherited its parent company’s extensive R&D expertise in power electronics and the new energy field. Known for its high quality and efficiency, PrimeVOLT has established itself as the premier brand of PV solar inverters in Taiwan. Since 2021, PrimeVOLT has consecutively been awarded the “Taiwan Excellent PV Award” by the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan, underscoring its exceptional market competitiveness. In response to the market trend towards high-power modules, PrimeVOLT will launch a new series in the Taiwan market later this year, featuring a higher input voltage of 320kW/DC 1500V and a broader full-load operating voltage range. Looking ahead, PrimeVOLT plans to expand into high-demand overseas energy storage market, introducing energy storage systems, and empowering more global clients to achieve their sustainable development and Net-Zero objectives.