PrimeVOLT Shines Lights on Innovative PV Inverters and Strategic Partnership at Smart Energy Council Conference and Exhibition 2023

PrimeVOLT, a leading solar inverter supplier from Taiwan, showcased its latest product portfolio at the Smart Energy Council Conference and Exhibition (Booth No. 31), Australia’s premier solar, storage and smart energy event that took place from May 3 to 4, 2023, at the International Convention Center Sydney. The company’s cutting-edge product portfolio, including the series of PV 5KTL-D1/G2P, PV 10KTL-D1P, PV 10/15KTL-D3/G2, PV 5KHB-120, and PV 10KHB-D3, impressed attendees with sleek design and advanced manufacturing expertise, demonstrating PrimeVOLT’s trailblazing innovation in the PV inverter industry.

“As one of the world’s most rapidly expanding solar energy markets, Australia presents an incredible opportunity for PrimeVOLT’s growth,” said Lisa Ren, General Manager of PrimeVOLT New Energy Ausrralia Pty Ltd.  “This is why we made Australia our top priority for international expansion. Our unwavering dedication to this booming market and our strategic partners is demonstrated through the establishment of PrimeVOLT New Energy Australia Pty Ltd. We strive to deliver superior products and services that are tailored to the unique needs and preference of the local market, cementing our position as a premier provider in the solar industry.”

Since its founding in 2010, PrimeVOLT has established a prominent brand presence in the industry for its expertise in PV inverter design and development. Widely recognized for its outstanding quality, efficiency and service, the company secured the top spot as Taiwan’s leading inverter shipment provider in 2022 and has become the preferred choice for major power plants seeking dependable, high-quality products.

PrimeVOLT’s commitment to manufacturing excellence is evidenced by their state-of-the-art facilities, which are equipped with industry-leading automated production and all-round intelligent equipment. By upholding the most rigorous international standards, the company ensures consistent and superior product quality. Notably, all of PrimeVOLT’s products have obtained CEC certification, which resolves access issues in the Australia market and provides a solid foundation support for the company’s expansion ambition into more overseas markets. Committed to fulfilling its vision of empowering a greener world, PrimeVOLT has increased the manufacturing capacity from 3GW to 10GW at its new Shenzhen plant. This significant move signifies the company’s dedication to driving sustainable energy and solidifying its position as a leading solar solution service provider globally.

During the exhibition, PrimeVOLT made an important announcement, appointing ECO Sakura Energy Pty Ltd. as its official distributor for the Australian market. The special Authorization Ceremony was attended by Lisa Ren add Roy Zhao, Director of ESE, highlighting the strategic move for PrimeVOLT New Energy Australia Pty Ltd to achieve greater success in this growing renewable energy market. “We are confident that ESE’s in-depth knowledge and experience in the industry will provide the best service and support to our customers in the region. This partnership is a crucial step towards fulfilling our mission of delivering innovative and sustainable solar solutions to our local users,” added Lisa.


At the exhibition, PrimeVOLT debuted its brand new three phase hybrid inverter PV 5/6/8/10 KHB-D3, which boasts superior efficiency with a PV-AC efficiency rating of 98.4% and a BAT efficiency rating of 97.9%. Its large PV input power of 15kW and 30A large MPPT currents make it compatible with high-power solar modules. It also supports a wide battery voltage range of 150-600V and a 50A charge-discharge current, enabling fast charge-discharge to meet the demands of high consumption. The new inverter offers a maximum backup output of 10kW and a typical 10ms transfer to backup mode, supporting 150% unbalanced loads in backup mode.

The PV 5/6/8/10 KHB-D3 is engineered to withstand even the most challenging outdoor conditions, featuring an impressive protection rating of IP65 & C5. Key components from world-famous brands ensure top-notch quality and reliability, while the multiple built-in protections, including DC switch, DRM, over-voltage, over-current, and leakage current, provide extra peace of mind. Optional add-ons like AFCI/GFCI/SPD provide even further protection. Its natural cooling, fan-less design is coupled with a BMS system to ensure longer battery lifetime. Multiple working modes and flexible settings allow for maximum energy efficiency, and quick commissioning via an app and 7x24h online management make for easy installation and maintenance. With all these features, the PV 5/6/8/10 KHB-D3 is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a high-performance and reliable solar inverter.


The Smart Energy Council Conference and Exhibition 2023 is a highly anticipated event that brings together a diverse range of stakeholders from the renewable energy industry, including manufacturers, distributors, project developers, financiers, and many more. With over 250 suppliers and more than 10,000 industry professionals in attendance, the exhibition offers a unique opportunity for industry suppliers and experts to broaden their networks and explore new business opportunities. PrimeVOLT’s participation in the event is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to driving a greener planet and creating a better tomorrow for generations to come.


[About PrimeVOLT]

PrimeVOLT is a leading brand in green energy, dedicated to designing and manufacturing solar inverters for customers worldwide. Its robust R&D capabilities, coupled with high-quality products and professional services, have made PrimeVOLT the number one brand in the PV inverter industry in Taiwan. Moving forward, PrimeVOLT will continue to provide innovative products and energy storage solutions to contribute to a green and sustainable future.