Taiwanese Manufacture and Service PrimeVOLT Launches Multiple PV Inverters

In order to achieve an accumulated capacity goal of 20GW by 2025, Taiwan’s government is actively promoting photovoltaic installation to further development. PrimeVOLT, a subsidiary company of Asian Power Devices Incorporated, has been an avid supporter of such cause. PrimeVOLT took advantage of its local service network as well as qualified products that are entirely made and designed in Taiwan. At the 2019 Energy Taiwan trade show, multiple portfolios of brand new PV inverters were launched, providing all new solutions to solve existing challenges. The show booth was seen having an unprecedented turnout of visitors.


Debut of Lightweight and High Efficiency PV Inverters


Active in the development of the solar energy industry for years, in Energy Taiwan 2019, PrimeVOLT introduced numerous PV inverters to the market, including the four single-phase 3kW, 3.6kW, 5kW, and HV-5kW. Aside from a significant improvement in efficiency, they now pack 20% less bulk and weight compared with previous products.


Meanwhile, PrimeVOLT also launched three-phase PV inverter with larger capacity. Since the launch of 40kW PV inverter in 2018, 60kW and 75kW three-phase flagship products have been introduced to the market. These PV inverters come with four MPPTs and are capable of maximizing power generation in each one of the PV array, resulting in an overall increase of efficiency in power generation.

PrimeVOLT’s new 60kW and 75kW Three-Phase Flagship PV Inverters


Whether single-phase or three-phase PV inverters, PrimeVOLT’s products were all designed with uni-body aluminum die-casting housing which, in contrast with conventional PV inverters with welded modular steel housing that is susceptible to erosion and waterproof damage, is of one-piece seamless design. PrimeVOLT PV inverters not only have sturdy housing but alsoIP65 certification. The fact that all PrimeVOLT’s products were certified by IEC salt-spraying tests which means that they are able to maintain the optimal operating efficiency even in adverse conditions like hot, humid environments, beaches, or areas adjacent to a water body.


In compliance with Taiwan governmental policies, all PrimeVOLT PV inverters have certified by VPC (Voluntary Product Certification) from the Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspection for the voluntary certification of the products. Additionally, PrimeVOLT has further enlarged PV inverter output capacity to make up for power losses when static VAR compensators are at work.


Normally, in trying to maintain stability of grid, all power generators must simultaneously supply both static and dynamic reactive power. The purpose of supplying static reactive power is to stabilize and maintain voltage during reactive power compensation so that the power system remains operational. However, reactive power compensation reduces power generation and incomes. PrimeVOLT General Manager, Chuang, Ching-Ming states: “To this end, PrimeVOLT has improved the designs of all products so that aside from meeting the requirement for reactive power control, sufficient power generation is achieved. In the case of the 40kW PV inverter, a total power output of 44.5 kVA can be achieved, even during the time of reactive power compensation. Such is guarantee that the actual power output can still be kept as maximum 40kW.”


The advantage of being a local company means the speediest and most complete service that’s available to customers.


For the future, PrimeVOLT will continue to bring new products to the market in alignment with future trends. There is a high likelihood of developing PV inverter with even larger capacity and a strategic positioning of the company in the large-scale, land-based solar power plant market. PrimeVOLT also plans to diversify sales by targeting the demand of PV inverter for various renewable energy sources and developing pertinent solutions.


With its cost-effective and reliable Taiwanese-made products, PrimeVOLT will offer locally oriented service to fulfil the needs of its customers. In the words of Chuang, Ching-Ming, “the PrimeVOLT team is able to advise customers on the optimal capacity and complementary hardware requirements in their initial stages of power plant planning; the team offers the needed expertise and will work with customers to find the optimal solution. The professional approach and customized service have garnered widespread praise in the industry.”


The Taiwan’s government is actively promoting solar energy development. According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Green Energy Plan, the accumulated solar power capacity would be scheduled to reach 20GW by 2025. Idle watersides like beaches will be prime grounds for large-scale solar power plant development. Industrial power gobblers will be required to harvest a certain percentage of their power use from renewable energy sources. Power stations employing rooftop panels will also be in demand. In face of enormous market potential, PrimeVOLT’s entire PV inverter series offer excellent protection against humidity and salt-spraying. Being a 100% locally oriented company also allows PrimeVOLT to better serve the needs of local customers and provide immediate technical support to ensure great power output and reliability.